Bathroom Spice

Bathroom Spice


Plant based product that is super strong at cleaning away dirt, grime and mould yet is gentle on the home and the family.

Spray on bathroom surfaces & wipe off with SKRubiT  or similar for best results. Spray & leave to soak for tougher stains. Use regularly to keep mould & mildew away. Clean all bathroom surfaces & naturally disinfect, leaving fresh, clean & natural scents with no damaging chemicals. Use in the toilet, spray on seat, use to wash the floor and toilet bowl. Leave the room smelling fresh and clean.

Note: do not use if you are pregnant as the product contains Cloves essential oils. 


Ingredients:  Distilled water (10%) White Vinager, Essential oils Clove Bud, ginger, Lemon, Peppermint Eucalyptus. Infused with fresh lemon peel.

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