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Kaya [hello].

What do you use to clean your home with?
I remember cleaning one day, years ago with bleach in the bathroom (as I thought that was the product I was meant to use) when I was overwhelmed with the fumes and broke out in a coughing fit. I thought about how it affected me and began to research what it really was. I began the search for alternative products.

Having a background in education and a passion for my Aboriginal culture and the land, I explored how I could provide a natural, environmentally friendly and people friendly cleaning service and products.

Our Vision.

Boodja: Nyoonar - Mother Earth, Land

It is my mission to ensure that my cleaning business and all that I do has minimal negative impact on the land. My goal is to contribute to sustainability and environmentally friendly products and services. I will not just say, I will do. My products are all hand-made, eco-friendly and made with the best Australian ingredients.


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