Winter Cleaning


Cleaning in Winter

During the winter months, bathrooms can become home to mold and mildew.

In our busy lives we often rush out of the bathroom after our shower leaving the room full of steam and water on the floors.  This is a problem especially if the door is closed and there is no ventilation i.e. exhaust fan or window open.

Here are some simple tips to help prevent mould and that awful smelly bathroom smell from taking over your bathroom.

·      Ensure your exhaust fan is in good working order, clean the fan blades and the cover to at least twice a year. 

·      Open the window regularly if you have one (a lot of modern homes do not have windows that open) If you don’t have this option, keep the exhaust fan running for at least 5 min after the bathroom is used and keep the door open for a while at least.

·      After your shower removes any towels that are very damp, hang them outside to air.  The sun is very good for killing any germs and making the towels smell nice.

·      A window cleaner is handy to have in the shower if your bathroom gets a lot of mold.  If you don’t’ have one, using a towel is a good option.  After all the showers for the day simply wipe the shower screens and the walls of the shower, this is a great way of not only keeping mold away but also keeping the shower looking nice.

·      It can be tempting to use toxic products if we are used to that, or if we are looking for a quick fix but consider using non-toxic products with natural ingredients, there are so many options available today. You can use simple ingredients such as vinegar and eucalyptus or look around and try different cleaners on the market.  I have a new bathroom-cleaning product that my clients love. Feel free to contact me and try for yourself.

·      Bathroom hygene - air flow = clean bathroom