Kitchen bacteria fest in sponges

Have you ever picked up the kitchen sponge to use it and it felt slimy? How often do we think our kitchen sponge is ok, just give it a rinse and wallah…. Of course that is not the case and in fact that piece of sponge in your kitchen or cloth most likely harbors nasty bacteria including e –coli

The kitchen sponge is said to carry around 362 different bacteria!


When I began my Robyn’s eco journey I thought about the cleaning cloths I use in the home.  I became conscious of what I was using the sponge for and also spoke to people about their kitchen sponges.  It became obvious that the old trusty sponge was being used for way more than the dishes or kitchen counter.

Do any of these ring a bell with you?

·      Wiping children’s hands after they have been playing outside and putting it back on the sink to do dishes

·      Wiping spillage up off the kitchen floor and returning to the sink

·      Cleaning cutting board used for raw meat then used it to clean dishes

·      Wiping the fridge door or inside fridge with an old dirty sponge

·      Keeping the sponge damp and not rinsing it properly

·      Not washing your hands after going to the toilet and using the sponge to clean with afterward.



Cross contamination leads to foodborne diseases.  Moraxella osleonisis live on human skin and can cause infections and weaken the immune system. If your sponge smells like dirty laundry or mildew you have a bacteria fest going on in your kitchen.

Often it’s the small things like sponges, cloths for cleaning that we seem to hang onto, being thrifty saving a few dollars by using our sponge’s way beyond their use by date.


I have been researching ways to combat this problem and I believe I have a great solution with my hemp and bamboo SKRubiTs.  As many of you know I love hemp and bamboo and I am in particular awe of hemp and it’s strength (6 times stronger than cotton) and absorbent scratchy texture. Both hemp and bamboo are antibacterial so using them in my crochet I can make a cloth that has naturally built in antibacterial properties and is strong enough for the toughest jobs.  You can throw it in the washing machine with the tea towel and hang in out in the sun to dry.  I have been trialing mine for almost a year and it is still working the same as the day I made it. The other good part about it is that hemp and bamboo pose no harm to the environment at all. Unlike man made sponges and scourers they are biodegradable and compostable.